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Hairdressing and hygiene for cats

It is said that cats are very clean animals. And they certainly are. But that does not mean that we have to be aware of hygiene, since the end of the day we have to live with them, and if not cuidáramos could pose a serious health problem. They need little care of this type but we have to provide and in our online store animals are going to find everything you need for it.

WC cat

Any owner of a cat if you want to convince you also have a pet cat, always tell you that one of the great advantages it has is that it is not necessary to walk them out to do their needs. They make them at home, and always on the site that you have prepared for it. It is a private toilet for cats .

But, what this feline room bathroom? Very simple, put a cat box and enough is enough. A plastic container which incorporate cat litter in which he will learn to urinate and defecate.

Well, that's the basic idea. But as you will see in our online pet store that there are a lot of models of both sandboxes and sand. And it is elements for a very intimate animal matter, and certainly not all cats have the same tastes in this regard. And this is a question you'll have to figure out giving you try different types of sandboxes and varieties of cat litter .

several sandboxes

In principle, there are two types of sandboxes. Some are plastic trays and other shaped chocks. The first are the most common and always we recommend that are as comprehensive as possible, and that at least one side have easy access, especially for younger cats and also for the elderly.

And as for the chocks, it is closed elements, which only prefer the most jealous of their privacy cats. All owners prefer this type of toilet for your cat, but the truth is that not all pussycats want to feel locked up when making your needs.

Types of cat litter

At present there are different varieties of sand. Thinner, thicker, minerals or made with paper or plant products. However, the great difference between whether all is is a clumping litter for cats or not. What does that mean? What if the animal does your needs, especially when urinating, sand absorbs all the liquid to agglomerate the grains of sand and form a kind of ball.

That is, the clumping litter has two advantages. The first is the facility to be clean, and later with various cleaning accessories, especially blades for cat litter , very easily collect their droppings. And the absorption capacity, also includes odors. So that does not affect the home environment if we maintain good hygiene in the box for cats.

More health care for cat

So far we have spoken of the most obvious catlike hygiene and related to their physiological needs, but there are other hygiene factors also ought to care. One of them is hygienic while interesting for security reasons, and is cutting his nails occasionally to your pet. For this we offer several types of nail clippers for cats .

And regarding other hygiene issues, we show manufacturers specialized products such as Paravet or Stanvet, which made interesting products for oral health, ear and eye of the cat. All these products easy application that become elements of feline beauty products.

feline hairdresser

At first we said that cats are very clean, and flirtatious. For example, they themselves are taking care of their fur all day licking based. However, we too can participate in those feline care hairdresser.

In this sense, in our pet shop you will find not only the best shampoos for cats , made by specialized brands such as Novopet, Virbac or Trixie. We offer you also combs and brushes for cats. So that you may primp thoroughly and they look beautiful. And until you smell much better, thanks to the various colonies for cats.