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The best tick and flea treatment

In Miscota after years of experience treating with animals, we want to present you the best price quality relation on antiparasitic. Take profit now and prevent your dog or cat from getting any flea, tick, mosquito… ¡At the best Online Price!

The most sold Antiparasitic

We show you a selection of the most popular antiparasitics of Miscota. All of them are scientifically tested and provide everything your dog and / or cat needs to continue to be healthy and free of ticks, fleas and all insects that may affect them. Always with the best prices in the market!

Flea & Parasite Control Drops

In our pet store you can find the antiparasitic pipette that best suits your needs, choosing between different brands such as Frontline, Advantix, Bayer among others.

Flea Collars

With the antiparasitic collars you will protect them from all kinds of external parasites, such as fleas, ticks or the mosquito of leishmaniasis. In our pet store you will find brands such as Scalibor, Seresto or Virbac among others.


" In Miscota you will find the best antiparasitic sprays to protect your pet from fleas, ticks, mites, the mosquito of leishmaniasis among others. Being able at the same time to protect your home environment. "

Internal Flea and Parasite Control

Fight the internal parasites with the pills and tablets that you will find in miscota and protect them from tapeworms, intestinal worms and other infections. We have top brands at your disposal such as Beaphar, Elanco or Chadog.

Other Products

Definitely eliminate external parasites such as fleas and ticks with shampoos and antiparasitic lotions that appear in our online pet store. "

Deworming is not only beneficial for your pet, but also for yourself and your family, especially with regard to external parasites that can attack your dog, fleas and ticks but basically there are many other insects or mites. However, the parasitic products for dogs not only prevent these threats. We also inform you of other products for internal parasites of your pet, even more dangerous than external.

Antiparasitic collars for dogs

This pest control product is highly effective as a preventive measure against ticks and other parasites. Its effect is more than proven, because the big brands offering veterinary wear it for more than two decades. This way you can find the antiparasitic collar Advantix or necklace Scalibor , and other brands such as Bayer or Virbac . Even if you are faithful to think like Friskies brands or canine accessories Trixie, you can also buy your models antiparasitic collar.

They all have the enormous advantage of its duration. Since it is repellent collars parasites that once placed on the neck of your pet, prolong its effects for several months, up to six. The only precaution to consider is to avoid it comes to lick the dog, as it may suffer a slight poisoning.

Also must be aware that not bathe with the antiparasitic collar on, because water makes you lose efficiency. And in the case of puppies, you can also be sure that the collar against parasites will not reach its lifetime, because we know that young dogs are much more restless and tackle, and is likely to end up breaking their games. If so, prevents suck and especially to eat it.

Antiparasitic pipettes for dogs

For puppies can be more effective antiparasitic regularly apply pipette. A remedy is obviously also effective in the case of adult dogs. The antiparasitic pipettes , like collars carry some insecticidal compounds, the type ectoparasiticides. Some substances that repel insects and parasites without affecting the health of your dog as they do not cause allergies in the animal, and not in humans. One factor that are very sensitive to the manufacturers of these antiparasitic items.

Here you will find the best pipettes for dogs of different brands, from the Advantix pipettes , through Frontline or Novartix, all prestigious companies of veterinary and pharmaceutical industry. Each of these types of canine antiparasitic pipettes that we offer has its own doses, and it is important that you apply it to your dog the appropriate amount according to their weight, and also taking into account their natural habitat because it is not the same a dog who lives in the city, others who run amok in rural areas.

Pipettes be applied on the column dog. Shoving her hair a little, the product is poured from the neck to the base of the tail, trying to reach contact with your skin. Once this operation, our dog will be protected for about a month. Although its effect is prolonged, do not bathe the dog in the next two days to the application.

Antiparasitic sprays for dogs

Another way to eliminate fleas and ticks on your dog is using antiparasitic aerosols . These products also be effective anti ticks, they are also sprays against flies, mosquitoes, mites or lice. The difference from necklaces and antiparasitic pipettes is the duration of its effects, as a rule after applying the spray on your pet prevention lasts about 15 days, as long as the dog does not get wet.

However, sprays brands such as Frontline , Bayer or Trixie are very practical for certain situations because they have an immediate effect, and can always have on hand when making a tour of the mountain, or to protect our animal after bathing on the beach.

Internal antiparasitic for dogs

Fleas, ticks or different insects are a real threat to our dog. But they can be much more dangerous other internal parasites, that being invisible is not aware of the damage until it is too late.

Generally these Antiparasitics Internal for dogs are taken as pills and tablets that help the animal expels intestinal parasites which cause diarrhea or ulcers. And other more terrible parasites are worms Leishmaniasis, which can be lethal because they affect the heart of dogs. All major brands of veterinary medicine have been concerned to develop effective internal antiparasitic, and on our website will find a wide range of them, with a repertoire of top brands such as Beaphar , Chadog or Zipyran, so you buy the ideal place for your dog to the price more interesting.

Antiparasitic shampoos and other products canines

Your pet's health is paramount. It never hurts to prevent attacks of annoying and harmful parasites in your dog. Eliminate fleas, ticks repel, prevent mosquito stings, etc, are tasks that only you can do for your dog. To this end, in addition to necklaces, pipettes, sprays or worming tablets we offer a wide range of resources.

For example, a very interesting remedy is the antiparasitic shampoo . Some products that combine the necessary hygiene protection. Another idea is the antiparasitic medals that can also be preventive, but in this case also become an identifying aesthetic element of your pet. And of course, if you find fleas, ticks or lice on your dog, no longer trying to prevent but to remove. And for that, you will find specific pliers or electric brushes to clean your animal of these unhealthy bugs.

In short, everything you need for your dog's health and to eliminate uncomfortable parasites that will haunt you'll find in Miscota.es.