Stick extruded guinea pigs


Rodiland's Extorted Guinea Pig food is the best natural choice for your guinea pig. One of the best options to ensure that your guinea pig has a complete and balanced diet is to choose the extorted food. Because it avoids ingredient selection at feeding time and ensures that there are no deficiencies. The extorsionated fo ...

  • 500 GR 37kr. 74kr./KG
  • 1,5 Kg 104kr. 69kr./KG
  • 3 Kg 134kr. 45kr./KG

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Description Stick extruded guinea pigs Rodiland

Ingredients Stick extruded guinea pigs Rodiland

Ingredients: alfalfa and hay, wheat bran, cereals and byproducts of cereals, products and byproducts of Oil seeds, sunflower oil, calcium carbonate, monodicalcium phosphate. Additives: Nutritions: Vitamin A (3A672) 20,000 U.i., Vitamin D3 (3A671) 2,000 U.i., Vitamin C (3A300) 600 MGR / KG, Vitamin E (Alfatocopherol) (3A700) 11.00 MGR / KG, Vitamin K3 (3A711) 0.80 MGR / KG, Vitamin B1 (3A820) 0.80 MGR / KG, Vitamin B2 2.40 MGR / KG, Vitamin B6 (3A831) 1.10 MGR / KG, Vitamin B12 0,015 MGR / KG, Nicotinic Acid (3A314) 60.00 MGR / KG, Pantothenic Acid (3A841) 20.00 MGR / KG, Hill Chloride (3A890) 250.00 MGR / KG, cobalt (carbonate monohyd 3b303) 0.38 mgr / kg, zinc (oxide) (3B605) 71.40 mgr / kg, manganese (oxide) (3B502) 24.80 MGR / KG, Iron (Ferrous Sulfate) (3B103) 30.00 MGR / KG, Copper (Sul Cupric Pentah) (3B405) 10.00 MGR / KG, iodine (potassium iodide) (3B203) 0.945 MGR / KG Selenium (sodium selente) (3B801) 0.225 MGR / KG. CONSTITUENT Analytics: Gross protein 15,00%, oils and gross fats 4.50%, brute fiber 15.10%, gross ash 8.30%, calcium (Calcium carbonate) 1.02%, phosphorus (dicalcium phosphate) 0.51%, sodium 0.20%. Way of use: Please in the feeder as it is, and always keep clean and fresh water at your disposal Indian guineples or rabbits.

Features Stick extruded guinea pigs Rodiland

  • Complete nutrition

  • High in vitamin C

  • No added sugars

  • GMO free

  • Reference8436579243883
  • Weight2 KG, 500 GR, 1,5 Kg
  • FormatPellets
  • IngredientsWith seeds, With nuts, With herbs
  • Nutritional ConditionsNatural
  • AgeAdult, Senior
  • Special Cares, ,
  • Small Animal TypeGuinea Pigs
  • BrandRodiland

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Stick extruded guinea pigs

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